Tomorrow Builders Fellowship

Working alongside WePower STL, a group of change makers in the St. Louis community come together to reimagine and redesign the Early Childhood Education System. This project created a visual identity for the fellowships final project “The Playbook” and its debut event.
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Defining Direction and Theme:
Working alongside the fellows, we reviewed moodboards to guage their interest, likes, and dislikes. Pin pointing helpful elements of each to create a cohesive direction.

Develop directions based on group feedback:

Two directions were created and after reviewing and gathering feedback, we narrowed it down to one.

The Fellows works alongside the Solution Teams (from left to right): Quality, Family Well-Being, Governance & Coordination, Workforce, Funding & Access. which handle different tasks and angle for tackling ECE reform.

Posters and event material for The Playbook release event:
The Fellows presented a selection of community members’ dreams, a preview of survey data analysis, and research findings via a gallery walk, and along with the release of the Playbook.